Consistency is key

Hello, hello! Happy #‎WritingTipWednesday everyone! How was your January? How much writing did you get done? Are you still on track with your New Year’s goals? If not, what’s getting in the way? Remember, it’s …

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Optimize your environment

If you’re having trouble writing, check your environment. Is it distraction-free? Is it inspiring? Do you have everything at your fingertips? Is it comfortable? Did you set enough time aside? Optimize your environment and set …

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Writing is writing!

Don’t judge yourself for not “working on your book” – all writing is writing! You can find a way to use it all in your book. Yes, even your journal (especially your journal!). Yes, even …

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Commitment time!

Have you all set a date? If so, put it in the comments section below! ‪#‎WritingTipWednesday‬ Commit to your writing goal by putting your finish date in your calendar!

How I Use Scrivener

Hello everyone! I was asked whether or not I recommend Scrivener for writing. This video discusses different writing tools one could use for writing. #WritingTipWednesday To make sure you never miss out on #WritingTipWednesday, be …

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