Consistency is key

Hello, hello! Happy #‎WritingTipWednesday everyone! How was your January? How much writing did you get done? Are you still on track with your New Year’s goals? If not, what’s getting in the way? Remember, it’s not about production or perfection… Consistency is key!!


Did you notice there was no ‪#‎WritingTipWednesday‬ last week? Was it because I was busy? Or lazy? Or I felt like giving up? Or to prove a point? Maybe it was a little bit of all of those…
The key here is consistency. If you commit to something, stick with it! There will be times when you “fall off the wagon,” so to speak, and when that happens, don’t beat yourself up (which will lead to sabotage) – it happens to all of us! Expect it! Prepare for it! Get right back up and re-commit. All these reasons (another word for “excuses”!) for not doing what you set out to do are resistance and sabotage. As I said before, the stronger the resistance, the more important something is to you… it’s a sign you’re moving in the right direction. And, if you find something isn’t working for you, try changing up your strategy. So keep going! Don’t let these things get in the way of your dream. Believe in the dream more than the obstacles! #WritingTipWednesday

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