Let Your Ego So the Writing Can Flow

2016-03-02-#WritingTipWednesdayHave you ever been in the “flow”? As an author, I feel that I am just a vessel for Infinite Wisdom to come through me. I just type or write what I hear inside, but I don’t feel it’s from me – it comes from somewhere else. This is being in the flow – you are deeply connected to God and His Wisdom (or however you understand the Higher Power to be), and are able to receive it. If you are “stuck,” or are having any sort of negative thinking about your writing, you are coming from the ego. To let go of the ego, first get really present and grounded, and secondly remember where the writing comes from (i.e., not from you!). It’s a gift – what a relief! However, with this gift comes responsibility – after all, you were specifically chosen for this message! After you receive it and share it, your job is done. #WritingTipWednesday

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