What Would You Like Me to Share With the World Today?

2016-03-30-#WritingTipWednesdayAre you lacking inspiration? Experiencing writer’s block? Here’s a simple technique.
1. Quiet your mind, and get connected with God, or whatever higher power you believe in. (If you don’t believe in a higher power, you can connect deeply with yourself or the universe.)
2 Ask a simple question: “What would You like me to share with the world today?”
3. Observe the thoughts that flow in. If nothing comes right away, keep quietening your mind and asking the question. Eventually something will bubble to the surface.
Sometimes you’ll have a rush of ideas – capture them, then choose the one that resonates most with you. You can always use the others when you are out of ideas on another day.

This exact message came from this process that I used today! #WritingTipWednesday

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